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Beliefs and Convictions

4th Dimension Innovations, LLC believes…

…that small to mid-sized, entrepreneurial companies have the capacity for exponential growth by adopting and harmonizing innovative management, customer-centric, and supply chain practices that strategically enable their organization to outmaneuver other competitive, established entities. Specifically, by employing servant leadership management practices in setting laser-focused business plans, embracing a Customer First philosophy, and aligning organizational procedures and processes with customer expectations throughout the supply chain…efficiencies, cost containment, and growth can be accelerated into the 4th dimension. 

Our Conviction… 

…is strengthened by the reality that organizations, both large and small, struggle with growing their businesses while maintaining organizational health and balance throughout their business ecosystem. Small and mid-size businesses have the inherent advantage to; make faster decisions, solve problems faster, engage their employees more productively, streamline processes and procedures that serve their customers more efficiently, and are agile in adapting to their customers’ needs. These dynamics working in harmony necessitate lower business complexities, lower operating costs, higher customer and employee satisfaction, and ultimately equate to a distinct competitive advantage.


…is further rooted in over 80 years of combined business leadership experience in high tech and commercial startups, mid-size, and large organizations. That experience supports the reality that servant leadership principled business units realize exponential growth while maintaining and growing satisfied customers and employees. While entrepreneurial and mid-size companies typically have creative leadership and innovative product/service offerings, they often lack operating experience and resources of larger companies. 4th Dimension Innovations, LLC offers an innovative approach to overcome and rapidly accelerate beyond those inherent limitations.

Our Guarantee…

…if, after six months of implementing 4th Dimension Innovations methodology, you aren’t realizing significant improvements in customer and employee satisfaction, operational excellence, coupled with commensurate revenue growth and cost containment/reductions our services are free! 

What we do…

We provide transformational business leadership guidance towards a customer-centric, highly engaged organization, rocketing businesses into the 4th dimension. 

How we do it…

We facilitate the servant leadership, strategic planning process; identify managerial and operational gaps; and implement innovative core practices and processes enabling accelerated/profitable growth. 

Why we do it…

We possess an experience-based, servant leadership passion to change and accelerate entrepreneurial business growth. 

Next steps…

For further information and overview of our business please contact either…

Ron Reed

Managing Partner

C: (908) 672-4313 or, 

Dwayne Sterner

Managing Partner

C: (602) 315-3376


Serving businesses seeking exceptional growth by employing innovative organizational, sales and operational strategies and processes, in conjunction with identifying and providing solutions to tactical challenges. 

Partner Profiles

Ron Reed

1974 M.B.A. Western Illinois University

Ron is a Supply Chain Management executive formerly with Mars, Inc. with over 30 years experience in supply chain logistics, procurement, business process redesign and systems implementation. Keenly focused on execution and removing inefficiencies from supply chain services, Ron’s teams have achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for his organization, customers and suppliers.

Ron believes small businesses possess the advantages of innovation, speed-to-market, and efficiency over larger organizations. These advantages are realized by developing Servant Leadership-based strategic focus, organizational competencies, people and process with flawless execution.

Dwayne Sterner

2009 M.B.A. University of Arizona 

Dwayne is a Sales and Marketing executive formerly with Arrow Electronics with responsibility for the Global Lighting Strategy, key customers, and value-add engineering and manufacturing. His executive experience spans start up enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Dwayne’s teams have achieved unparalleled growth by creating dynamic customer partnerships that drive operational effectiveness and innovation. His passion is developing Servant Leadership-based teams laser focused on vision, core values, and principled strategy execution. 

Dwayne believes that innovative growth resides in forging strategic partnerships that define and drive Operational Excellence delivering maximum value to partners, suppliers, and the organization. Maximum leverage is attained through a balanced business ecosystem that mutually benefits all constituents. 


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